Our school is managed by the Parent Body Association of the French International School of Guangzhou which all newly enrolled parents are automatically members of. According to the French association law of 1901 for non-profit organizations, the daily life of said association is managed by statutes which are available to view by all members upon request to the administration. According to said statutes, the main institutions who participate in the management and operation of our school are the Board of Management, the School Committee, and the School Principal. Every October, the annual General Meeting takes place to vote on the members of the Board of Management for the ongoing school year as well as the parent representatives who will be attending the School Committees throughout the school year.

CR-de Assemblée Générale 26-09-2023




Board of management

The board of management holds all authority to act in the name of the Association. It oversees the correct use of school funds to ensure the development and continued functioning of our school in accordance with the French Ministry of Education.

Current elected members are:

President: Mrs Laure Desmonts

Vice-president: Mr Christophe Bilde

Treasurer: Mr Hugo Coffart

General secretary: Mrs Anne-Flore Varc

Feel free to contact the board of management at the following address: comitedegestion@efcanton.com.

As well as the elected members, the General Consul of France in Guangzhou, scientific cooperation attaché, and the school principal also sit on the board as permanent members

School committee

The school committee gives advice on all subjects relating to school life. It consists of the permanent members (the school principal and the scientific cooperation attaché) as well as the elected members (a representative of the school teaching staff and the representatives of the school parents elected by the Association)