We are a multicultural international school catering to multiple nationalities within our community. Our school teaches in French, English, and Chinese starting from the first year of kindergarten. We offer a language focused learning path called P.A.R.L.E (Parcours Adaptés et renforcé de langues étrangères). This learning path was established and designed by AEFE in order to deliver a quality education whilst mastering more than one spoken language. A student will have regular English classes as well as some of his other class subjects taught in English (science, PE, and art). Moreover, afterschool programmes are available to offer more hours in either English or Chinese. Our school offers an English language certification recognized worldwide and delivered by the University of Cambridge.

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Middle school and high school:  

Grade 6 : English as a Second Language (ESL) and Chinese as a Second Language (CSL).

Grade 7 to 9 : Choice of a third language : Chinese, Spanish, or German. We also offer an option to learn Latin

Grade 10 to 12 : Choice of a fourth language.