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Dear parents,

I want to try to give a website to train students at home. I already create the class, the names of each students and a password, so I can follow the evolution of everybody. I will give you the step to follow, then you can let you’re kids play.

here is the address :

You will first arrive to this page. On the left click on ” se connecter” ( connect)
Then you write the name and the password ( at the end of this post I will give you the informations)
On the left, verify the name of your kids appears, then on the top go to “CP”
Then you can click on ” Lecture-sons” or just go down.
Then you arrived in the part of the sounds games. Here their is some games about the sounds of the french langages. Try to choose sounds we already learn in class !
Click on “Enregistrer son prénom”.
Write your name, and click on “ok”.
Then you can choose the your game.

I already give the students the Login and the Password in the red book.

If  it don’t work, send me an email.